Typography: Give your bachelor thesis an individual touch

For every student, the bachelor thesis is something special: The first major work, for the first time to be carried out comprehensively in scientific work, for the first time spending a lot of time with a topic. And in most cases, it makes up a large part of the overall grade of the bachelor’s program. Your supervisor, however, presumably accepts several theses each month and works them off routinely.

To stand out from the crowd at the Bachelor’s thesis is not so easy. Also, the topics of the bachelor thesis are usually not as spectacular as they may sound to the inexperienced student and have often been edited in a similar way or with a different focus. In order to give his work a unique selling proposition and a very personal touch, you could give it a very unique typography. How it works? We give you tips!

Find your own writing style in your bachelor thesis

The most important thing in advance: You should always try to write uncomplicated and understandable. Some students are of the opinion that long boxes of sentences peppered with as many foreign words as possible are signs of good writing style – far from it! This is urgently to be advised against. Instead, one should find in his bachelor thesis a clear, understandable style that upholds the claim of scientificity.

This means above all that the correct installation of citations is mandatory and colloquial turns should be avoided as far as possible. In general, it is evidence of a good style, if quotes are not simply taken literally in the text, but are woven into the own argumentation as indirect quotations.

They should serve to support one’s own reasoning along the red thread of the bachelor thesis and to substantiate its theses. A free formulation may support this effect. In addition, repetitions in the text should be avoided as far as possible.

Sometimes less is more and testifies to a good writing style. The art is to filter out the essentials from the many pieces of information provided by sources and literature, and to work them out in independent formulations based on the structure of the bachelor thesis.

Even if it seems trivial: Orthography plays an important role in writing the bachelor thesis, which should not be underestimated. Because in the worst case, a neglect of the orthography to point deduction and thus a poorer rating in your bachelor thesis lead.

Illustrations in the bachelor thesis ensure clarity

Particularly for Bachelor’s theses in natural science and technical subjects, such as a bachelor’s thesis in physics biology or mechanical engineering, illustrations for the visual representation of the examined objects are available.

These can be, for example, diagrams or drawings. Your bachelor thesis gets its own style and certainly sets itself apart from other theses that work to explain only with text. However, caution should always be exercised when using illustrations in scientific work.

This is especially true when pictures are simply taken: Attention, plagiarism hazard! If you come across an appropriate image, then you must always specify this correctly as the source. To emphasize your own style in the bachelor thesis, however, the own production of such illustrations is recommended. So you have the opportunity to customize them and tailor them to your reasoning. Always pay attention to a clear presentation and the correct labeling of your image.

The layout of your bachelor thesis: cover page, font etc.

Of course it is enormously important that you adhere to the formal requirements for your bachelor thesis. Usually the line spacing, the type area, the font size etc. are specified. This should be followed very carefully to ensure a generally appealing appearance of the work. In addition, you can still give your bachelor thesis an individual touch in the form of the layout. Especially the cover sheet is to be highlighted.

It gives the examiner and the reader of the bachelor thesis a first impression. For readers, this can also be decisive for whether they want to read the work or not. The basic information should of course be on it: title, supervisor, name and address. In the design, however, you are free.

Maybe there are certain colors, maybe you color the background of the cover page or you use a graphic. Also, you can give your title an individual touch: In the design of your creativity is no limit. Even with a more elaborate bond, you can customize your work and support a very unique appearance.

The only thing you should pay attention to is a uniformity. So you see: There are many possibilities to convince your examiner creatively of your bachelor thesis with little effort!