The typical mistakes in the bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis demands a lot from the student: he is confronted with the task of doing a comprehensive scientific work. For some students, especially for students of technical or natural science oriented subjects, the bachelor thesis is often even the first term paper. So how should you tackle the project Bachelor Thesis?

Many students are facing a mountain of questions. Relatively haphazard, they then set off to work to see the first progress. In doing so, those who have little experience in writing scientific papers often make the same mistakes.

But it does not have to be like this! After all, you’re not the first to write a bachelor thesis – so why not learn from others’ mistakes? Whether outline, time management or correction of your bachelor thesis: We will clarify you about the most common mistakes when writing the bachelor thesis and show you how to avoid them.

The topic of the bachelor thesis

The choice of the topic of the bachelor thesis harbors difficulties in several respects. Although we are told again and again, one should choose a topic that we are really interested. However, very few are adhering to this principle. He is elementary important. Too many students choose a topic for their bachelor thesis that they are not really interested in. After a few weeks or even days, they are so bored with their work that they would like to throw it all down.

So that does not happen, take this tip to heart and choose a theme that fascinates you and that you like to spend several weeks or months doing. At the same time you should not take your topic too broad. This too is a common mistake that can quickly spoil your work on the bachelor thesis. If your topic is too broad, you quickly lose track and at the same time it is difficult for you to design an outline that makes sense of all subtopics.

You should always discuss your topic suggestion with your supervisor. He can usually quickly assess whether your topic is suitable for editing in a bachelor thesis. So you not only save a lot of work, but also spare your nerves! One last tip for choosing the topic of the bachelor thesis: If possible, choose a topic that you have already touched on in one of your seminars. So not only do you already have materials available that you can use, but you also bring along a bit of prior knowledge. So you can save yourself a comprehensive first reading into the topic and start right with your bachelor thesis

The conception of the structure for the bachelor thesis

Without question: The conception of the structure is one of the big sticking points for every bachelor thesis and holds some potential for mistakes. Many students design their structure only at the end of the writing process: this is urgently to be discouraged! Instead, you should invest some time in structuring your work, creating a framework and a roadmap for writing the work. Because once you have packed the red thread of your Bachelor thesis in an outline, the paperwork is usually easy to do away with.

You may notice during writing that some sub-points have to be reworded and other aspects may be cut short, while other topics should be treated more intensively. No problem, as long as you have a complete scaffold.

This should not only define the outline model, but also the number of main parts and the argumentation structure. Do you prefer deductive or inductive? Which model is suitable for the key question of my bachelor thesis? Only when such elementary questions have been clarified, you should start writing the bachelor thesis.

Literature research on the snowball principle?

Not at the bachelor thesis! Even though it may have been enough for your previous homework to run the literature search on the snowball principle and thus simply to use the literature, which suggests one of Opac when entering the self-chosen keywords, you should rather distance this strategy in the bachelor thesis take and do a “proper” literature search. Surely you can look at the beginning just what literature the Opac spits out the relevant keywords on your topic.

Nevertheless, you should also make Enzyklöpädien and the bibliography of the standard works on your topic. In addition, many professors attach great importance to the use of the largest possible number of current essays. These are best found via special databases in the Opac of your Unibib.

Only after a comprehensive literature review and if you feel that you have penetrated the subject, you should start writing your bachelor thesis. Because if you noticed in the end that you have not received the relevant literature, you make yourself a pile of extra work.