Self-organization in the bachelor thesis

Implementation instead of postponing

Everyone knows the proverbs: The early bird catches the worm, better early than late and not until five to twelve start with the bachelor thesis and do everything at the last minute. Because that usually only has strained nerves, suffering fellow human beings and reduced quality. Self-organization is the be-all and end-all for a project as important as the bachelor thesis.

However, this is often missing during the final phase of your studies. As a rule, you have already completed all of your courses and you should spend all your free time dedicating yourself to the bachelor thesis, alone. The necessary motivation and organization – you are responsible for that. How to do that? You will find out here.

Successful self-organization in the bachelor thesis means planning

Of course, self-organization is actually a tool that is demanded time and again in all situations in life. However, many students find it difficult to switch from the relaxation mode to the completion mode, which the bachelor thesis inevitably requires. A well-planned organization of this phase should be tackled as possible at the beginning of the work process on the bachelor thesis.

Organization means, planned and structured the project to tackle and organize bachelor thesis there are some things in the bachelor thesis. For example, you should think about where you want to write your thesis. If you decide to work in the library, it would be a good idea to rent a cabin there.

It will save you the hassle of searching for space every day, guaranteeing you a quiet place to concentrate on. Another plus: you can just leave your documents in your cabin and enjoy your bachelor work-free time outside the library. However, it is advisable to take care of your own cabin at an early stage, as these are often booked months in advance.

Maybe you’re more of the guy working at home desk. But even then you should make sure in advance for sufficient rest periods in your apartment. If you live in a shared flat, you should also schedule WG parties or WG visits by your flatmates to maintain a regular work schedule.

Timing of the bachelor thesis

A very important point in the organization of the bachelor thesis is the planning of working hours. A timetable helps to plan for the long term and to develop a structured work rhythm. First, you should have important deadlines, such as the theme or the final deadline of your bachelor thesis in mind.

However, other important dates such as a possible vacation or visits to this plan should be taken into account to avoid time problems. In any case, it is advisable to create the timetable so that there are some days off before the deadline.

Should something unexpected happen, you should have trouble or your schedule gets mixed up, you can still relax. The individual work phases you should plan carefully. How much time do you need for the respective phase, you have to decide individually: Some need more time for the literature research, others are in the outline and take a long time to find a red thread for their bachelor thesis and still others find no topic for their Bachelor thesis.

Orient yourself to your experiences with the last chores and then create your individual work plan. In doing so, you should always allow enough time for the correction of your bachelor thesis. However, your schedule should not only consist of work phases: even breaks and days off are important. Everyone needs change!

Motivation for the work on the bachelor thesis

A good self-organization should also consider one’s own motivation, which has to be constantly rekindled. The work process of a bachelor thesis is long. Everyone goes through heights, but also some depths. That’s why it’s incredibly important to be able to constantly re-motivate yourself so you do not get into the infamous postponement or despair mode. At best, one should also consider this in advance methods.

For some it may help to motivate with music. For others, sport can be motivation: After hours of work and a smoking head, a run through the forest or park can work wonders. You should also take intermediate steps and be aware of your partial successes to see how far you have come. With every new partial success, you will notice how quickly you are approaching your goal: Submitting your bachelor thesis.